CARSURINDO provides a comprehensive range of services comprising independent Marine & Cargo Surveys, Marine P&I
inspections, laboratory testing services and an effective fumigation provider.

Most of our services are alphabetically listed as below:

    Marine & Cargo Inspections:

1.    Break bulk cargo (fertilizer, cement, coal, wheat, etc)
2.    Bunker survey
3.    Cargo damage survey cargo
4.    Cargo hold cleanliness
5.    Casualties and Damage Cases
6.    Club Matter Per-entry Condition Hull and Machinery
7.    Container inspection for cargo quantity and condition during stuffing/stripping
8.    Draft survey
9.    Feasibility insurance survey
10.  Hull and Machinery
11.  Hull and machinery survey
12.  Investigation/damage survey
13.  Loading and discharging for crude oil, petroleum products, vegetable oil
14.  Machinery (heavy lift cargo and non heavy lift cargo)
15.  Oil Losses Inspection.
16.  On/off hire surveys
17.  P&I Club Matter
18.  Pest control fumigation
19.  Port captaincy
20.  Pre-entry Condition
21.  Pre-entry condition survey for
22.  Pre-insurance services
23.  Pre-loading condition
24.  Pre-purchase condition survey
25.  Pre-shipment containerized cargo (dry container, freezer, ISO tank container)
26.  Pre-shipment inspection
27.  Risk assessment and management
28.  ROB Bunker survey
29.  Sampling & Quality Analysis
30.  Stuffing & Stripping Surveys
31.  Tally and cargo condition survey
32.  Tank calibration
33.  Tank Cleaning Inspection
34.  Towage approvals
35.  Towing and lashing survey
36.  Weighing and measuring pre-break bulk cargoes
    Effective Fumigation Provider:

  1. Bulk cargo fumigation on board cargo vessel
  2. Container fumigation
  3. Warehouse fumigation
  4. Sheets fumigation.
Independent Surveyor, Inspections & Testing
International Accreditation:
Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats
Association Ltd.
Superintendent & Associate Analyis Member